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1229. Colin Herridge

Colin Herridge, from Twickenham, is a founding trustee and vice chairman of ‘READY’, which helps disabled young people into sport by providing grants for specialist equipment and training.

Colin Herridge

As the longest-serving board member, Colin has guided READY since 1991 and has fundraised over £500,000 to equip disabled young athletes with racing wheelchairs, basketball wheelchairs, ramps, prosthetics, seated skis, team kit, racing gloves, specialist hearing aids, gym equipment and swimming lessons. The charity has also taken wider steps to promote disabled sport by setting up the UK’s first all-female visually impaired cricket team and supporting Paralympian athletes such as Toby Gold and Sophie Kamlish with funding their specialist equipment.

In a personal letter to Colin, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“No child should feel excluded from sport and the work that you do through ‘READY’ has helped so many young people take part in the activities they love. I wish you well as you continue your work to inspire young people and to make sport accessible for all.”

Colin said:

“It is an absolute surprise and an honour to have been awarded a Points of Light Award.

“I am a Founder Member of the READY Charity which we started over 25 years ago. READY stands for Recreation and Easy Access for Disabled Youth. Over 25 years we have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide various equipment for disabled children to participate in sport . This allows children to complete in various sports including athletics,wheelchair rugby, swimming, horse riding, blind cricket and gymnastics.

“We have provided over 60 racing wheelchairs, (which can cost up to £6000 each), special horse riding equipment,paid for swimming lessons, and a whole range of special equipment. A number of these disabled athletes have reached the top of their sports including representing their country in the Paralympics. But many are very happy to be able to participate in sports at any level because of the help from READY.
READY is a barrier breaking charity and a lifeline for young disabled children coming into sport.”

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