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1230. Tina Leslie

Tina Leslie, from Leeds, is the founder of ‘Freedom4Girls’, a period poverty charity working in the UK and overseas to provide environmentally-friendly, reusable period products to girls and women.

Tina Leslie

After spending time volunteering in Kenya, teaching women to make their own hygienic sanitary products, Tina started her charity in the UK to educate and distribute period products. Tina’s charity supplies period products to 30 schools, primarily in West Yorkshire. In the rest of the UK, hundreds of pads are delivered each week to schools, community groups, refugees and women’s agencies. Abroad, Tina has most recently worked with a group of medical students to train children in Kenya on stigma and taboos. Approximately 10,000 children in the region took part in the workshop.

In a personal letter to Tina, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Menstrual dignity is a fundamental right for girls and women. By educating and promoting eco-friendly period products, you are helping girls and vulnerable women both in our country and worldwide.”

Tina said:

“I am thrilled and honoured to receive a Points of Light award. I have worked hard over the past three and a half years to set up the Freedom4Girls charity, whilst raising public awareness and gaining support for menstrual equity, both in the UK and worldwide. This award will significantly contribute to the recognition that period poverty is a major issue that affects millions of women and girls globally. As a charity, Freedom4Girls UK is committed to addressing this problem and empowering those who menstruate to achieve their full potential, without fear of isolation, stigma and taboo.”

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