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Community Furniture Aid

1227. Julian Cash
1228. Marianne Cash

Julian and Marianne Cash, from Bridgend, are the founders of ‘Community Furniture Aid’, a charity that furnishes homes for people rebuilding their lives to give them a fresh start and restore their dignity.

Julian and Marianne Cash

Having previously volunteered for a local charity that passed on recycled furniture to those in need, Julian and Marianne were determined to keep the service going after the other charity closed, purchasing a derelict church to use as a hub and exchanging their car for a van to support the distribution of furniture. Since 2015, Julian and Marianne have fully furnished 380 homes, and partly furnished a further 175, benefitting over 2,000 people. They have also ensured 140 tonnes of furniture have been saved from landfill and restored to use. The charity is entirely supported by volunteers and works with 55 local agencies to identify vulnerable individuals in need of support.

In a personal letter to Julian and Marianne Cash, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By restoring and redistributing furniture to those in need, you are helping hundreds of people in your community, providing them with the comforts and essentials that make a house into a home.”

Julian and Marianne said:

“We are honoured to receive this award and astounded that our tiny charity has been recognised at the highest level of government. We will continue to help the poorest in our society so as to restore their dignity by furnishing their homes and giving them the opportunity to move forward in their lives.”

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