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Commonwealth Point of Light 35. Sarah Cachia

Sarah Cachia, representing Malta, founded 'Jacob's Brew' in Marsaskala to boost the morale of patients and their families struggling with health difficulties.

Sarah Cachia

When her son Jacob survived a traumatic struggle against meningoencephalitis four years ago, there was no existing community group which could support her family. She decided to create a café called ‘Jacob’s Brew’, the first social enterprise of its kind in Malta, where people facing ill health can meet other patients who are going through similar circumstances. Customers can ask for a stamp on their receipt and ‘Pay It Forward’, providing a free hot drink to customers who are patients. The café runs a programme that delivers free food and drink to families in the waiting room of two local hospitals. Sarah also co-founded ‘Survivors Malta’, a support group for people with health difficulties which has grown to 5,000 members.

The award for Sarah will be presented on 21st March at ‘Jacob’s Brew’ café by Stuart Gill OBE, UK High Commissioner in Malta.

Sarah said:

“I am truly overwhelmed and grateful for winning this award, not so much for myself, but in recognition of my family’s dedication and the amazing people who have crossed our paths along our journey that have supported us throughout by always believing in what we do. I have made it my mission to put right what was missing when my own family faced our trauma five years ago. I was once told that everything happens for a reason. When we survived our ordeal I was determined to make that reason. All that I do hasn’t come without personal and financial sacrifice and there have been times when I have felt like giving up, but receiving this award not only gives credibility to our NGO ‘Survivors Malta’ as an organisation. It is also a reminder to myself that I am on the right track and will continue to pursue future projects to help families facing trauma.”

Stuart Gill OBE, UK High Commissioner in Malta, said:

“I am delighted that Sarah Cachia has been selected to be Malta’s Point of Light, receiving recognition for the wonderful work she is doing. Sarah’s efforts at ‘Jacob’s Brew’ have been of immense help and support to a great number of families facing traumatic experiences. She has brought the community together in a spirit of understanding, friendship, and kindness. I congratulate her for her terrific fortitude and for being such a beacon of hope. She truly is an inspiration to us all.”

Below: Sarah with her award, and with Stuart Gill and family:

Sarah Cachia with her Points of Light award

Sarah Cachia with Stuart Gill and family at Jacob's Brew cafe

Photo credits (Mark Zammit Cordina, UK High Commission in Malta)

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