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Commonwealth Point of Light 36. Jack Sim

Jack Sim, representing Singapore on ‘World Water Day’, founded the 'World Toilet Organisation' and 'World Toilet Day' to improve sanitation and fight for the dignity, rights, and health of vulnerable people worldwide.

Jack Sim

Every day, more than 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by unclean water, or a lack of sanitation and hygiene. Through the ‘World Toilet Organisation’ Jack has brought together 235 organisations across 58 countries to tackle the neglected issues of toilets and sanitation. In 2013, he worked with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to table a ‘Sanitation for All’ resolution at the United Nations General Assembly. Over 120 countries supported his campaign and decided to designate 19 November as an official ‘UN World Toilet Day.’

The award for Jack Sim will be presented on 22nd March at the ‘SG100 Foundation Anniversary Dinner’ in Singapore by Scott Wightman, UK High Commissioner in Singapore.

Jack Sim said:

Humans are designed to love, to give and to serve. When we care for others, our consciousness opens up and we become joyful. When we think selfishly our consciousness narrows up and we become miserable. This is our natural design. 

“Thus service is a privilege and a reward of joy itself.

“As volunteers, we do not do our work to win awards. But awards help endorse and legitimise our work to mobilise more people to join in the effort for a better world.

“I was born a British subject in 1957, became a Malaysian and then a Singaporean through the course of history. Now to receive this Commonwealth award from the Queen, I feel life coming full circle and a sense of identity with the 53 countries again.

Scott Wightman, UK High Commissioner to Singapore, said:

“Jack Sim has been recognised for his outstanding work promoting sanitation around the world. This is an issue of crucial importance to public health and human dignity, but one that is not discussed enough. Singapore has a wealth a talented and skilled people and I am delighted to see more and more Singaporeans going beyond their borders to assist those in need throughout the Commonwealth, and beyond.”

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