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Commonwealth Point of Light 34. Fealofani Bruun

Fealofani Bruun, representing Samoa, is a leading volunteer for the ‘Samoa Voyaging Society’ (SVS) and the captain of Gaualofa, the society’s traditional Samoan double-hull canoe.

Fealofani Bruun

The not-for-profit society was established in 2009 with the aim of reviving Samoan cultural traditions related to sailing and navigation as well as promoting greater environmental awareness. Fealofani and her crew sail around the Pacific with the Gaualofa acting as a ‘floating classroom’, leading workshops and conferences which promote Samoan culture and ocean protection. Last year the society partnered with Disney to bring their film “Moana” (about a Polynesian girl who embarks on a mission across the ocean) to rural communities around Samoa, with the goal of celebrating Pacific island culture and spreading the message of conservation.

Laura Clarke, UK High Commissioner in Samoa, said:

“I am delighted that the ‘Samoan Voyaging Society’ have been selected to be Samoa’s Point of Light. The work they are doing to keep alive Samoa’s sea-faring skills as traditions is wonderful and in Fani they have an inspirational Captain and leader.”

Below: Consular Manager for the UK in Samoa Tony McLeod with Fealofani (to the right) alongside the crew of the Gaualofa

Fealofani Bruun and the Samoan Voyaging Society

See more about the ‘Samoan Voyaging Society’ with their video below:

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