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Daisy’s Rainbow Walk

1419. Daisy Briggs

Daisy Briggs, aged 3, from Surrey, has walked 25 metres, wearing a different colour of the rainbow, every day to raise over £20,000 for NHS charities.

Daisy Briggs

Daisy has spina bifida, hydrocephalus, hip dysplasia and talipes and has only just started walking unaided. However, she was inspired by the fundraising walk of Captain Tom Moore to undertake her own challenge in support of the NHS, which has saved her life on multiple occasions, and has smashed her original fundraising target of £100.

In a personal letter to Daisy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“You are an inspiration!

“Millions have marvelled at the wonderful Captain Tom bounding around his garden at the age of 100. 

“But today our country takes a moment to marvel at you! 

“I am filled with admiration for the way you have overcome the many challenges before you – and taken your very first independent steps while fundraising for our NHS charities.

“Wearing a different colour of the rainbow every day you have filled us with hope and expressed the appreciation of the nation for all that our amazing NHS has done to defeat Coronavirus. 

“Every day I say thank you to someone in our country for doing something special by naming them a Point of Light.

“Captain Tom was one of the oldest. You are the youngest ever to receive this honour! 

“So congratulations on becoming the UK’s 1419th Point of Light – and thank you!”

Daisy’s parents, Sean and Rea Briggs, said:

“Raising this money for the NHS has meant the world to us, as they have saved Daisy’s life on multiple occasions so we owe them everything. She has loved every single second of the fundraiser and as her parents, we are so proud of what she has achieved at just 3 years old. Thank you so much for also recognising her achievement.”

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