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100th Birthday Walk for NHS Charities Together

1362. Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore, from Bedfordshire, has captured the hearts of the nation and raised over £30 million for NHS charities by completing 100 laps of his garden ahead of his 100th birthday today, 30th April.

Captain Tom Moore

Having smashed his target of £500,000, Tom intends to continue walking, fundraising and spreading cheer in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. He also has a No 1 single in the UK charts, a cover of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with singer Michael Ball in aid of charity, which has seen him break the record for the oldest person in the country to ever top the charts.

In a personal letter to Captain Tom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Every day I write to someone in our country to thank them for their service to others and to recognise them as a Point of Light in our lives.

“No-one epitomises a Point of Light more than you.

“So today, on your 100th birthday, allow me to express the admiration and gratitude of a whole nation for your heroic fundraising mission.

“You have touched our hearts, lifted our spirits and enabled millions to show their support for the wonderful men and women of our unique NHS. Because of their extraordinary courage and dedication our country will get through this difficult time and, in doing so, fulfil your optimism that tomorrow will indeed be a better day.

“So congratulations on becoming the UK’s 1362nd Point of Light, thank you for everything that you have done and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also recorded a special message for Captain Tom:


Watch Captain Tom’s Points of Light story:

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Photo credit: Emma Sohl – Capture The Light Photography

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