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Captain Tobias

1404. Tobias Weller

Tobias Weller, from Sheffield, aged 9, is another of ‘Captain Tom’s army’, dubbed 'Captain Tobias' by his friends, who has raised over £125,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Paces School.

Tobias Weller

Inspired by the example of Captain Sir Tom Moore, Tobias, who has cerebral palsy and autism, has gone from walking 50m a day to completing the length of a marathon during lockdown using his walker, and has now begun a new ‘Tobiathon’ challenge to run the same distance using a race runner.

In a personal letter to Tobias, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Every day I say thank you to someone in our country for doing something special by recognising them as a Point of Light.

“A few weeks ago I said thank you to Captain Sir Tom Moore for his fantastic fundraising feat.

“Today I want to thank you for yours.

“Walking a whole marathon during lockdown is amazing!

“You have raised a vast sum of money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Paces School and you have inspired the whole country with your fortitude and brilliance!

“So I am delighted to recognise you as the UK’s 1404th Point of Light!

“Congratulations – and thank you!”

Tobias said:

“I’m delighted to receive this award. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my marathon challenge and I’m chuffed to bits that I’ve raised so much money for my favourite charities, Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Paces School.”

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