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Brixton’s angel

442. Lorraine Jones

A Brixton Minister who continued her son's youth boxing project in Brixton after his death.

Lorraine Jones, 42, has carried on the legacy of her son Dwayne, who was fatally stabbed in 2014. Dwayne started the boxing club in the Angell Estate to help divert young people away from gangs, and Lorraine has picked up the gauntlet since his death, using funds from the Dispossessed Fund.

Lorraine, through Dwaynamics, has helped train over 50 youths in boxing- helping provide both exercise as well as discipline. The club has also helped more than 30 mothers, from their early 20s to 50-plus, to help alleviate stress caused by financial hardship and other stresses. She has developed strong relations with Lambeth Police, who have provided them with temporary premises under the railway arches near the estate, as well as boxing kit and support. Lorraine has been visited in the Angell Town Estate by the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, as part of the Evening Standard’s Estates of London campaign.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Lorraine is a shining light in the Angell Town Estate. Her fantastic work has helped tackle gang culture in Brixton and has inspired those around her to come together as a community. She is a hugely deserving Point of Light and will transform even more lives with Dwaynamics”.

Lorraine said:

“I am truly in awe that our Prime Minister has recognised my Community Outreach work as it is rare that a man of such great importance with a huge amount of responsibility is able to connect with a member of the public in this way this is a demonstration of the spirit of love. Losing my beloved son under such tragic circumstances placed me in a very dark and sorrowful place which I was determined to get out of I have been empowered by Our Prime Minister through this awesome recognition to soldier on turning pain into power and infusing our country by building great inspiring Youth and families through Dwaynamics. I am truly grateful and thankful”

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