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Bald is best

443. Sara Cutting

A Brighton woman has raised over £16,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support by wearing a different comedic headdress everyday whilst undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In July 2014, Sara was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumour a few weeks later. As part of her treatment, she also had eighteen weeks of chemotherapy and four weeks of daily radiotherapy.

Knowing that hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, and faced with losing her curly locks, Sara decided to take control and shave her hair off in stages before the treatment. She then started her “365 Day Different Daily Headgear” challenge, posting the photographic evidence on social media.

Embracing her baldness, Sara’s incredible headgear is made from anything she can find. Her creations have featured everything from cakes, boardgames, teapots, radios, cups, flowers and feathers. She has also been sent stunning hats from milliners worldwide.

Sara was motivated to raise money for Macmillan as a testament to her fantastic Macmillan nurse Lisa, who has been there for Sara through every step of her journey, supporting her through the treatment and recovery process. Sara has continued her fundraising challenge with guest hat appearances and will be running the Brighton half marathon in February.

As well as raising money, Sara is hopeful that her campaign will encourage people to be body aware, and report any suspicious symptoms to their GP. She has also created a hashtag for her campaign: #NowGoCheckYourBits.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Sara has shown huge strength and selflessness in undertaking her fundraising challenge while fighting cancer herself. She has found an innovative way to raise a fantastic amount of money for Macmillan and I am delighted to recognise her as the UK”s 443rd Point of Light.”

Sara said:

“This has come as a total surprise to me to receive such recognition for my campaign. It started off as something to keep my sense of humour going and raise some money for Macmillan during my chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I have been blown away by the love, support and interest my challenge has generated from all over the world. It was only going to be a 365 day challenge, but I feel compelled to keep going for all those who are affected by cancer; and in gratitude of the NHS and Macmillan without whom, I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale. Thank you so very much.”

CEO of Macmillan Cancer Support Lynda Thomas said:

“Sara is a truly inspirational individual. We are incredibly grateful for the fantastic amount of money she’s raised for Macmillan, at the same time as undergoing her own treatment and raising awareness by encouraging others to #GoCheckYourBits! We have been following her unique journey every step of the way and I would like to personally thank Sara, and all of our brilliant fundraisers and volunteers, for the time and energy they give, which helps make such a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. The money she raised will help fund more vital Macmillan services and professionals like Sara’s brilliant nurse Lisa, make sure no one faces cancer alone.”

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