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Future First

59. Jake Hayman

After leaving William Ellis School in Camden, Jake Hayman wanted to give something back.

10 Downing Street

 He organised a group of his former school mates to go visit the school school and provide relatable careers advice to the current students. The session was a hit and, in 2008, aged just 26, Jake set up an organisation called Future First to build networks of former students to do the same in state schools across the country.

Having seen the incredible power of alumni networks that mainly private schools had Jake wanted all young people to have access to similar powerful networks. Following the success of the project in his old school, Jake built an organisation to take this model to schools around Camden. Jake began hiring staff and fundraising. Then in 2012 Future First won Government backing to take their project nationwide.

Future First’s vision is that every state secondary school and college should be supported by a thriving alumni community that helps the current students. That alumni can offer support as role models, mentors, work experience providers, governors, or even fundraisers or donors.

In 2013, Future First launched the successful ‘Back to School’ national volunteering campaign which was led by Jake and encouraged more people than ever to go back and give back to their old schools.  Jake has enjoyed great success with over 50,000 alumni now recruited to support their former schools. To find out more about Future First, visit their website or email

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“The Future First networks created by Jake are inspiring young people by letting them see and hear about the opportunities open to them when they finish school. Jake’s determination to help pupils where he grew up aim high is now being replicated in schools across the country. I’m delighted to recognise Jake by making him a Point of Light today.”

Jake said:

”When my brother Dave and I and a couple of friends started Future First in our old school, only a handful of state schools ran alumni networks. Now it’s around 20% nationally. It’s been amazing to be part of making that happen and to get recognised by the Prime Minister for that work is great.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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