Phoning friends

128Tessa Somerville (London)

Providing thousands of hours of supportive contact with elderly people

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Model Westminster

127Fifi Kara (London)

Empowering and engaging young people with politics

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Friends of Priory Park

126Christine Rich (Dudley)

Dedicating thousands of hours to assisting the elderly in becoming active

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Talking books

125Phil Reddall (Northamptonshire)

Allowing hundreds of of blind and partially sighted people to experience the joys of reading

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Camp Simcha

124Rachely Plancey (London)

Supporting thousands of sick children and their families

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Start talking

123Mogue Lawless (Milton Keynes)

Using art to promote better mental and physical health

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Connecting Cambridgeshire

122Mark Heath (Cambridgeshire)

Helping to connect a community through better broadband

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St John Cymru

121Jason Venables John (Pembrokeshire)

Inspiring and training young Cadets in First Aid in Wales

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