‘Older and Out’

242. Clive Weaver

Provides practical advice and counselling support on the sensitive issues of gender and sexuality for older members of the community.

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Orienteering champion

241. Bill Marlow

Helping young people to learn essential life skills

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‘Footprints’ founders

240. Rachael Ross
239. Lucy Field

Two mothers committed to changing the lives of children with down syndrome and their families.

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‘Stay Strong, Keep Positive… Always”

238. Danielle McGriskin

Young sufferer raises awareness and money for The Brain Tumour Charity

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London’s smallest library

237. Sebastian Handley

Disused telephone box put to good use

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Musical movement

236. Ras Fernando

Volunteer uses his professional skills to help transform the London music scene

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235. Trish Davidson

Using the power of film to fight modern slavery

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‘Making Music Changing Lives’

234. Reverend Jan Gould

Bringing together people of all ages, creating strong community spirit and a deep sense of pride through musical achievement.

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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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