Wipe Away Those Tears

727. Gail O'Shea (Essex)
728. Jason O'Shea (Essex)

Transforming seriously ill children’s lives

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Just Like Us

726. Rory Smith (London)

Supporting LGBT+ in schools

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Indian War Memorial

725. Davinder Dhillon (Brighton)

Remembering Indian war victims

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Friend Finder

724. Lewis Hine (Portsmouth)

Connecting disabled young people

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The Great Fruit Adventure

723. Max MacGillivray (West Suffolk)

Encouraging healthy eating among children

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Facing the World

722. Katrin Kandel (London)

Providing life-changing surgeries in Vietnam

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Sleeping out for charity

721. Andy Preston (Middlesbrough)

Charity founder organising Sleepouts

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Challenge fundraiser

720. Jack Marshall (Doncaster)

Raising awareness through charity fundraisers

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