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Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme

2069. Rudi Page

Rudi Page, from London, created ‘Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme’, a community-centred initiative holding events, festivals, and education workshops to celebrate cultural pride amongst Black British communities.

Through the initiative, Rudi has created a life-sized replica of the symbolic anchor from the HMT Empire Windrush vessel, the ship which brought the first wave of migrants to Britain from Commonwealth countries following the Second World War, but later sank in 1953 in the Mediterranean. Rudi was inspired to use the anchor as a focus point for celebrations of the 75th anniversary, taking the replica on a nationwide tour amongst community groups.  He is campaigning towards creating a permanent memorial by seeking to locate the shipwreck of the original ship, including supporting the recovery of the ‘Windrush Anchor’ from the ship.  He is looking to build a legacy programme to ensure the cultural heritage of the Windrush Generation continues to be passed on among younger generations, while supporting communities of Caribbean heritage. 

The award for Rudi comes ahead of Windrush Day which takes place on 22 June each year to mark the anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush on 22 June 1948, with 2023 marking 75 years since the landing.

In a personal letter to Rudi, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“I was inspired to hear how your Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme is celebrating this contribution, fostering community pride and upholding the values of respect and inclusion. 

“Your campaign for a permanent memorial of the anchor from the Windrush is a powerful symbol of those pioneers who laid their own anchors here by building new lives in the UK and profoundly shaping this nation. Through festivals, events, and educational workshops, you are connecting young people with this incredible heritage.”

Rudi said:

“It is with great pleasure that I accept this inspiring award, which is a testament to the creativity of Windrush Descendants, the ‘Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme’ upholds the values of respect and inclusion as the common ground for all, regardless of background, culture, or status.”

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