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Village Water

663. David Dixon

David Dixon is the founding trustee of ‘Village Water’, a charity providing safe water for communities across Zambia.

David was inspired to start the charity when he visited the country and learnt that two in three people drink dirty water from a polluted source. He began by fundraising to repair broken water points, before quickly building capacity and exploring ways to ensure longer lasting benefits.

Under David’s leadership, Village Water has worked with over 800 communities and over 80 schools in Zambia, with 21,000 people gaining access to clean water for the first time in 2015 alone. Unlike other water projects, David ensures the charity also works with each village and school on hygiene education and building latrines. This important aspect of the initiative is credited with reducing diarrhoea, currently one of the top five causes of death in Zambia, by 96% in Village Water communities.

David is shown here with Mr Elisha Ngonomo, Director of Village Water Zambia. 

In a personal letter to David, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“‘Village Water’ is having a tremendous impact on villages across Zambia, giving thousands of people access to clean safe water. By working so closely with communities on maintenance, as well as hygiene and sanitation education, you are ensuring your work will have a positive impact for generations to come.”

David said:

“Village Water is known locally in Africa as the little giant.”

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