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2189. Micky Harris

Micky Harris, from London, is a taxi driver who has used a legacy from his late wife Barbara to create ‘Unify London’, a free to drivers, taxi e-hailing app which donates its profits to charities which are dear to the hearts of taxi drivers, while ensuring drivers still receive the full metered fare for a journey.

Micky discovered the ‘Taxi Charity for Military Veterans’ through researching into veterans, and signed up as a volunteer as soon as he received his badge, before being invited to become a committee member earlier this year. Through the charity, Micky has taken veterans to events across the UK, as well as on commemorative trips to the Netherlands and France. Barbara had joined Micky on many of his trips to Normandy as a volunteer driver for the charity, and wanted him to find a way of supporting the cab trade and its charities. 

Launched in April this year, the platform already has over 2,000 taxi drivers signed up and aims to help passengers feel empowered to donate to charities, whilst also getting the service they require. 

Congratulating Micky on his award, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Rt Hon Johnny Mercer MP, said:

“Micky is one of the very best examples of those with a determination to help and support our veterans. 

“His dedication to supporting wider charities, as well as volunteering for the ‘Taxi Charity for Military Veterans’ embodies the values we all look up to. I’m extremely pleased to see him awarded with this Point of Light award.”

Micky said:

“It really is such an honour to receive the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister’s office.  I work tirelessly day and night trying to do the right thing in an environment that seems hell bent on being dominated by large corporates and companies driven by profit.  If this award can help bring awareness to others that if they try, it is possible to make a difference and with dedication and hard work, hopefully realise their dreams to make their community/world a better place for all.  By working together in unity (Unify) we can all achieve so much more in life.  I truly believe that we are all “Stronger Together.”

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Creating the 'Unify London' app to support charities associated with taxi drivers

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