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Go Dharmic

2188. Sheena Randerwala
2187. Hanuman Dass

Hanuman Dass and Sheena Randerwala, from Luton, founded ‘Go Dharmic’ in 2011, a charity operating across the UK, USA, India and other countries worldwide, encouraging thousands of people to follow principles of dharma and create positive changes in the lives of others by volunteering.

Hanuman and Sheena were inspired to set up the charity to help people in difficult circumstances, while promoting the importance of compassion and motivating people to volunteer. The charity has developed its own ‘Go Dharmic’ app to help people find volunteering opportunities, alongside providing practical support and help to volunteers launching their own campaigns, through small and large acts of kindness. Anyone can download the ‘Go Dharmic’ app to find volunteering opportunities, whether its’ for working on environment projects, helping respond to global disasters or getting involved in various fundraising activities.

Their leading campaigns, initiatives, and impact to date include distributing over 22 million meals across the world, planting over 250,000 trees across the Sundarbans, and promoting hygiene and sanitation awareness. The charity delivers over 15,000 meals a week to vulnerable people at 15 distribution points across the UK. ‘Go Dharmic’ is active in over 50 global locations, and has developed over 100 libraries in India, benefitting over 75,000 children. They have also offered aid at over 180 disaster locations globally.

Hanuman said:

“At a time of great suffering in the world, ‘Go Dharmic’ is a much-needed mission to increase love, peace and compassion between all beings. The essence of Sanatana Dharma is love for all and ‘Go Dharmic’ is a volunteer community which works to alleviate poverty, help during disasters and make peace with nature. At this auspicious and hopeful time of Diwali, it is a great honour to receive this Point of Light Award from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and be at 10 Downing Street. It inspires us all to continue our work for peace and as my Guru Neem Karoli Baba said, to ‘Love all. Feed all. Serve all’.”

Sheena said:

“We are incredibly grateful for this award, but it is really all of the hardworking volunteers and the ‘Go Dharmic’ team that deserve this recognition. They work tirelessly to feed families in need, not just here in the UK but globally. For anyone who wishes to volunteer with ‘Go Dharmic’, we welcome you to join us!”

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