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Commonwealth Point of Light 21. Teuleala Manuella-Morris

Teuleala Manuella-Morris, representing Tuvalu, is a leading advocate for ‘Alofa Tuvalu’, an organisation supporting Tuvaluans affected by climate change.

Teuleala Manuella-Morris

After witnessing how rising sea levels in the country are contaminating water supplies, Teuleala was motivated to coordinate a project that provides communities with access to clean water during shortages. She has established water storage tanks in Tuvalu and 14 other Pacific countries and has also installed household biogas digesters in Nanumea, Tuvalu’s most northerly island, to provide sustainable energy for local communities.

Teuleala said:

“I am honoured to receive this award, however, I feel small because I believe that most mothers in my country are doing much more voluntary work for the betterment of their children and island communities than what I have given. My hope is that this award will represent to all women in Tuvalu and those who give their hearts and time for a mere joy of seeing their children and their island communities live in a happy environment with a smile on their faces. For me this is the payment of voluntary work in one’s life.”

Melanie Hopkins, UK High Commissioner in Tuvalu, said:

“I am thrilled to see that Teuleala has been awarded the Commonwealth Point of Light award for Tuvalu. Her commitment to the health and wellbeing of both her community and the environment are truly inspiring, and her efforts to improve access to clean water and sustainable energy will have a lasting impact on Tuvalu.”

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