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Toiletries Amnesty

2315. Karen Harvey

Karen Harvey, from Cambridgeshire, founded ‘Toiletries Amnesty’ in 2014, which saves millions of pounds worth of beauty products from landfill every year through the distribution of unused toiletries.

After noticing that people often had spare unused toiletries, Karen created ‘Toiletries Amnesty’ to highlight organisations that these could be donated to. Karen has created an online interactive directory that lists over 800 UK and international organisations for people to donate their unwanted and unused toiletries to. These organisations include mental health services, cancer patient support charities, children and young people’s services and community groups. In 2022, the charity enabled the provision of hygiene essentials to 2.95 million people. This increased in 2023, with ‘Toiletries Amnesty’ providing access to hygiene essentials to over 4 million people. 

Karen also organised a Ukraine appeal which involved the delivery of over £400,000 worth of essential hygiene products being donated to those who need it most in Ukraine. 

Karen said:

“We started with two bottles of shampoo, and ten years on we’re supporting 4 million people and saving thousands of tonnes of products from landfill. This is something everyone can get involved with, and help make a difference in their local communities and around the world. Small gestures can have a big impact and I’m grateful for every opportunity to let more people know about the work we are doing at Toiletries Amnesty to end hygiene poverty and divert beauty industry waste.”

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