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2316. Ross Cowie

Ross Cowie, from Isle of Skye, has raised over £2 million since 2009 to install over 1,000 public access defibrillators across Scotland, after losing multiple close family members from cardiac arrests and surviving 13 himself.

Ross, who suffers from a genetic heart condition, suffered 13 cardiac arrests in 2006 and survived due to an ambulance that was passing through the area. Ross founded his charity ‘Lucky2BHere’ in 2009 to provide defibrillators and lifesaving emergency training to communities across Scotland. Having been supported by members of these local communities in fundraising for over 1000 defibrillators, Ross has established a database that allows him to check that their batteries and pads are all fully up to date and operational. ‘Lucky2BHere’ has also partnered with two major app providers, ‘GoodSAM’ and ’Crowdsav’, to help people in emergency situations locate their nearest defibrillator.  

Ross ensures that members of every community that receives a ‘Lucky2BHere’ defibrillator also feels confident to act in emergency situations through the provision of lifesaving emergency training. Ross, supported by volunteers, has delivered this training to over 50,000 people and also provides it to schools across Scotland. 

Congratulating Ross on his award, Ian Blackford, Ross’s local MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, said: 

“Ross is a worthy recipient of the Point of Light award. He has been an inspiration to so many leading the Lucky2BHere charity and his and the charity’s efforts have made a considerable difference in helping to keep people safe with the provision of defibrillators in so many areas.”

Ross said:

“I am really honoured and chuffed to receive the Points of Light Award and I am delighted to accept it on behalf of all the wonderful people who have made Lucky2BHere such a success.”

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