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1209. Jonny Miree
1210. Carol Miree

Jonny and Carol Miree, from Wakefield, are the founders of ‘TheRockinR’, a charity that provides interactive gaming equipment to sick children and young adults spending time in hospitals and hospices.

Jonny and Carol Miree

Jonny and Carol founded ‘TheRockinR’ in memory of their eleven year old son, Reece, who sadly passed away a year ago from DIPG, an incurable brain tumour. Reece loved gaming and ‘TheRockinR’ was his online game tag. Throughout his illness he continued gaming, as it gave him a sense of satisfaction and belonging to an online community that he could be a part of 24 hours a day. Through ‘TheRockinR’, Jonny and Carol are providing fun to children and families in hospitals and hospices, offering them a sense of normality. Gaming has also been found to have therapeutic benefits, helping recover brain processing powers. In just a little over a year, the charity has covered eleven hospitals across the UK, providing 6000 kits to children and young adults.

In a personal letter to Jonny and Carol, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Thanks to ‘TheRockinR’ there are thousands of children across the UK whose time in hospital is a little bit brighter. Giving the gift of entertainment and fun to those children at such a difficult time is the most wonderful tribute to Reece. Your bravery in helping others, in Reece’s memory, is truly inspiring.”

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