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Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign

1211. Mustafa Khan

Mustafa Khan, from Croydon, is the volunteer co-ordinator of ‘The Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign’, the UK’s largest Muslim blood donation campaign which runs blood drives across 26 cities.

Mustafa Khan

Supported by hundreds of volunteers, the ‘Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign’ has managed to generate over 4,000 blood donations; enough to provide blood for up to 12,492 adults or 29,148 infants. Mustafa organises the blood drives, which aim to increase the number of regular blood donors from Muslim communities, by hosting the drives in local Mosques and Islamic centres where both Muslims and non-Muslims can attend. In 2016, Mustafa helped create a formal partnership between the campaign and NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT). Mustafa also works with NHSBT at a national level, representing the campaign at the NHS blood donation forum, to seek innovative ways to engage donors, and to ensure the Muslim perspective is well represented in strategy planning and NHSBT marketing.

In a personal letter to Mustafa, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“With your innovative approach to donation centres in Mosques and Islamic centres, you have grown your project into the largest Muslim blood donation campaign in the UK and you are quite literally giving the gift of life. You should be very proud of the reach of your work and the people you are helping across the country.”

Mustafa said:

“I’m honoured to receive this award and do so on behalf of every volunteer / Ambassador and donor of the ‘Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign’. Having started in 2006 the campaign is the first and largest Muslim blood donation campaign across the UK. It is an official partner with NHS Blood & Transplant, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service and Welsh Blood Service to provide bespoke blood donation sessions throughout the year for communities.

“After just an hour, a single donation is completed and potentially saves the lives of up to three adults or seven children. This campaign sets out to encourage as many people to come forth and become regular blood donors. To date the campaign has managed to save over 50,000 lives!

“The idea of altruism for humanity is core to the campaign and is derived from the universal principles of Islam and example set by the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Hussain son of Ali. He showed great courage and determination to stand for values that today are often taken for granted: equality, freedom of speech and the right to live with respect and dignity. He taught us to be selfless and give from ourselves for the benefit of humanity. The Holy Qur’an (5:32) also states “…And whoever saves one life it is as if he saved all of mankind…”.”

Pictured below: Mustafa with some of the volunteers and NHS Staff who have helped the success of the campaign

Mustafa with volunteers and NHS staff

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