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Team UnLimbited

865. Drew Murray
866. Stephen Davies

Drew Murray, from Milton Keynes, and Stephen Davies, from Swansea, are the founders of ‘Team UnLimbited’, providing 3D printed prosthetic limbs free of charge for children in the UK and internationally.

After failing to find a prosthetic hand which was easy for him to use, Stephen reached out to Drew, the only British member of a global network of volunteers who use 3D technology and open design to help those with limb loss. Impressed by the prosthetic he received, Stephen collaborated with Drew on a larger initiative to support those in need of assistive devices, in which they cover the costs of materials themselves. From their garden shed, the pair devote 12 hours to the production of each prosthetic, which is uniquely matched to the individual wearer. Their 3D printing designs can be openly accessed online and have been downloaded by users across the world over 5,000 times.

In a personal letter to Drew, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘Team UnLimbited’, you and Stephen are drawing on your creativity and engineering skills to provide children with tailored prosthetic hands and arms. You should feel very proud of developing a highly successful and pioneering initiative that is having global reach by allowing thousands of people from around the world to freely access your 3D designs online.”

Drew said:

“My mam recently passed away last week so if possible I would like to dedicate this award to my mam; knowing I had been awarded this would have increased her already great pride she had in me and the work I do with this worthy cause. Over the last few years working with Stephen, creating ‘Team UnLimbited’ and seeing our work have such a positive impact both in the UK and around the world is a very rewarding and humbling experience. Being recognised for our work with this award is simply amazing and further drives us to continue to keep giving!”

In a personal letter to Stephen, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By co-founding ‘Team UnLimbited’ with Drew, you have shown tremendous innovation and used cutting edge digital technology to benefit children in need of prosthetic hands and arms. The number of hours you devote to creating each unique prosthetic shows enormous dedication, and you should feel very proud of having transformed the lives of children across the world.”

Stephen said:

“Wow! I’m extremely honoured and humbled by this award. Team UnLimbited’s efforts are a true calling to help those that have little or no option or to simply make a child feel better about themselves. This was such a nice surprise. Thank You.”


Stephen in the ‘Team UnLimbited’ shed. Above: Drew and Stephen at Aston Villa with recipient Ajay Nabi.

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