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Down’s Syndrome Association

867. Simon Beresford

Simon Beresford, from Staffordshire, is the only person with Down’s syndrome to have completed the London Marathon.

Simon has proven that Down’s syndrome is no barrier to running an endurance race, and since his first marathon in 2007 has competed in over eight marathons both in the UK and abroad. Through his running he has raised more than £20,000 for the ‘Down’s Syndrome Association’ and in 2012 he carried the Paralympic torch through his hometown. His achievement at the London Marathon inspired a group of 21 runners in Germany, all with Down’s syndrome, to complete a marathon as a relay team in 2008.

In a personal letter to Simon, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through your incredible sporting achievements, completing over six full marathons, you have not only shown impressive personal strength but also helped to break down misconceptions about those with Down’s syndrome. As a Paralympic torchbearer in 2012 you have helped raise the profile of people with your condition and you should feel enormously proud of inspiring people internationally to support the ‘Down Syndrome Association.’”

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