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Taking Action for Asperger’s

551. Elaine Nicholson

Elaine Nicholson, from Northamptonshire, is Chief Executive and counsellor at Action for Asperger’s, a charity she founded to support families like hers living with Asperger's syndrome or Autism.

Experienced counsellor Elaine, supports over 1400 people through Action for Asperger’s, and leads a team who are contactable 24 hours a day to anyone around the world over the phone, email or Skype.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Elaine has dedicated herself to raising awareness and understanding of how to best support people with Asperger’s Syndrome and other variations of Autism. Through Action for Asperger’s, she is using her professional skills to support over a thousand people. Elaine is a true Point of Light.”

Elaine said:

“I am both delighted and honoured to have be named a Point of Light, but moreover my acceptance of the award should reflect heartfelt thanks to the volunteers and supporters across the world who continually astound me with their tireless dedication. Their commitment to the furtherance of Action for Asperger’s has been phenomenal, particularly so for those for whom a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome/autism exists and which can frequently prove debilitating in social communication and interaction settings. Such volunteers surpass themselves a lot of the time, stepping outside of their comfort zone to give talks, make phone calls, partake in fundraising ventures, doing things considered ‘alien’ to them, all for the Action for Asperger’s cause. It  brings a tear to my eye, when I think of all they do, how far they’ve come, and how much farther still they can and will go”.

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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