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1105. Clayton Planter

Clayton Planter, aged 36, from Bristol, is the founder of ‘Street2Boardroom’, an organisation which helps people who have engaged in street crime to use their skills to get off the street and instead excel in the corporate world and wider society.

Clayton Planter

After realising the skills and motivations of the people engaging in illegal activities on the streets were the same as those in the corporate world, Clayton setup a four week course, to train and inspire young people to use these skills legally in the business world. Having personally faced the challenges of being a young black man, living in a disadvantaged area, with little opportunities and low expectations from society, through ‘Street2Boardroom’ Clayton is working to change and challenge these perceptions. He is calling on community leaders and company directors to realise the untapped talent, by working with people previously engaged in street crews and looking beyond the traditional boardroom walls.

In a personal letter to Clayton, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By setting up ‘Street2Boardroom’ you have created a successful and pioneering model that is helping disadvantaged young people to transform their lives and get on in the workplace. Through your innovative skills programme, you are helping young people fulfil their potential and start their own businesses. I wish you every success as you continue this important work.”

Clayton said:

“We are very grateful we have won the Point Light award thank you for all your support. Remember it’s not where you’ve come from, it’s where you’re going that’s important.”

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