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Hull 4 Heroes

1104. Paul Matson

Paul Matson, from Hull, is the founder of ‘Hull 4 Heroes’, a charity that renovates homes for veterans.

Paul Matson

As an ex-veteran himself, the registered charity attempts to ensure that veterans’ transition back into civilian life and regular employment is as seamless as possible. The charity renovates existing properties to meet the needs of veterans and their families. The latest of Paul’s projects is the ‘Veterans Village’ which aims be a self-sustaining site for the housing and rehabilitation of ex-service men and women. The ‘Village’ will provide a unique place to provide support to those individuals requiring help when adjusting to civilian life. Fifty eight modular-build properties are planned along with a new horticultural therapy centre to help ex-military personnel adapt to life after service in the armed forces. Paul is also about to launch a merchandise shop that will raise funds for the charity.

In a personal letter to Paul, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“As a nation, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to you and all those who have served their country, and that is why your work through ‘Hull 4 Heroes’, offering practical help to veterans and their families, is so vitally important. By
creating homes and offering support with training and employment, you are ensuring that those who have served our country are able to transition seamlessly back into civilian life. I wish you well with the next phase of your project.”

Paul said:

“To have been awarded this prestigious award is very humbling. I must point out that I’m surrounded by an amazing bunch of people, firstly in my partner Susan who backs me 100%, and of course my friends at team ‘Hull 4 Heroes’, without whom we would not be as far down the line. After two years of charity status we are six months from starting construction on our Transitional Veterans Village. Receiving an award such as this will only fuel our motivation. I’ve a feeling like I’ve never felt before, I can only compare it to what I think it would feel like if I won the lottery. Thank you so so much.”

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