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Sri Lanka

Commonwealth Point of Light 3. Kushil Gunasekera

Kushil Gunasekera, representing Sri Lanka, founded the ‘MCC Centre for Excellence’, with sponsorship from Marylebone Cricket Club, to provide education and training to over 20,000 villagers living in impoverished rural communities.

With a focus on giving their clients the skills they need to gain sustainable employment, the Centre provides classes in computer and business skills as well as English language lessons.

The award for Kushil Gunasekera was presented on February 1st at Westminster House in Colombo, Sri Lanka during a Commonwealth-themed Dinner by The Earl of Wessex (pictured below).


Kushil said:

“When the British High Commissioner James Dauris conveyed this news to me, I was speechless for once. My philosophy has always been not to expect anything in return when we are committed to serve humanity with purity of intentions. I’m absolutely honoured and delighted to be the recipient of this very unique recognition as a Sri Lankan, to be identified as the Commonwealth Point of Light which is humbling and fuels my passion to do more good for the betterment of those
in desperate circumstances, with the goal of bridging the gap between the urban and rural sectors.

“I’m most appreciative of this unexpected accolade which I consider as not only for myself but for the ‘Foundation of Goodness Board of Trustees’ and ‘Team Goodness’, generous donors worldwide, and deserving beneficiaries alike without whom this achievement would never have been possible.

“I’m aware of the nature of this prestigious title from Her Majesty the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth which makes me understand the magnitude of my duties on this journey of life, serving the disadvantaged and benchmarking the work that is undertaken going forth. May the other Commonwealth Point of Light recipients from the 52 nations continue to illuminate their communities. Goodness is the one investment that never fails.”

James Dauris, UK High Commissioner in Sri Lanka said:

“Kushil is a most deserving recipient of a Commonwealth Points of Light Award. His selfless work over many years to help thousands of people in need in communities across Sri Lanka has been an inspiration to many people here and abroad. ‘Foundation of Goodness’, the NGO he set up after the 2004 tsunami, has made a real difference in the lives of countless young people, providing them with skills to equip them for adulthood and helping to make Sri Lanka more prosperous and inclusive for everyone.”

Below: Kushil with James Dauris, UK High Commissioner in Sri Lanka

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