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Sisters-At-Law Sri Lanka

Commonwealth Point of Light 163. Marini De Livera

Marini De Livera, representing Sri Lanka, is a human rights lawyer, and founder of ‘Sisters-at-Law’, a free legal service supporting survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.

Marini De Livera

Marini was previously chaired the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) of Sri Lanka. While in office, she initiated a series of investigations into child abuse, and after leaving her role decided to set up ‘Sisters-At-Law’ as a way of continuing her mission to provide support for women and children across the country who have faced abuse. In addition to legal assistance, the firm offers access to shelters, education and employment support and awareness workshops.

Sarah Hulton OBE, British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, said:

“My warmest congratulations to Ms. Marini de Livera for being selected as a Commonwealth Point of Light. The work she does through her organisation Sisters at Law, to provide legal assistance to women and children, raise awareness of human rights abuses, combat domestic violence and sexual abuse as well as educating children on their rights, is inspiring. Ms de Livera’s passion to create a better environment for women and children and the courage and dedication of individuals like her, gives encouragement to everyone working to help create a better world. I wish her and her team all the very best in future endeavours as they continue to uplift the lives of those in need.”

Marini said:

“To work for social justice you do not need huge funds, a top Government position or high connections: you only need imagination, a vast amount of energy and unlimited passion.”

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