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Scottish Pre-Loved Baby Box

2180. Jackie Crawford

Jackie Crawford, from Lanarkshire, has founded an appeal which sent 4,000 baby boxes filled with essential items to the families of newborn babies in Ukraine.

Having witnessed reports of the conflict in the news, Jackie was inspired within the first week of the war to call on families across Scotland, who had received a free baby box, to donate “pre-loved” items and aid for Ukrainian refugees. Jackie’s ‘Scottish Pre-loved Baby Box’ appeal is sending boxes to 40 maternity hospitals in Ukraine, with donated items including nappies, baby food and formula, medicines and first aid supplies.

Jackie has also expanded the appeal to include donations of backpacks for children and teenagers, to include clothing and supplies for older children. 

Congratulating Jackie on her award, Anum Qaisar, Jackie’s local MP for Airdrie and Shotts, said:

“Congratulations to Jackie for the compassion and dedication she has shown to supporting those who have been impacted by the horrors of conflict. There is no doubt that she is a point of light that shines bright during these dark times for the people of Ukraine. For as long as there are people like Jackie Crawford, there is hope for a better, more peaceful world.”

Jackie said:

“It’s been humbling to be part of a group of ordinary people who took action to help mainly babies and children in Ukraine when the war started. This award is dedicated to all the unsung heroes all over the country who have made this appeal possible and continue to help the people of Ukraine. We know the aid sent is going to internally displaced people who have had to flee their homes with almost nothing. I look forward to the day when children don’t have to suffer the consequences of war.” 

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