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Balls to Cancer

2182. Susan Bates
2181. Mark Bates

Mark and Susan Bates, from Wolverhampton, set up their charity, ‘Balls to Cancer’, after losing Mark's father and Susan's granddad to cancer and wanting to raise awareness of men’s health.

Mark and Susan founded the organisation in 2011, with the aim of supporting men through cancer. Since then, ‘Balls to Cancer’ has expanded to support any individual suffering from cancer, as well as raising awareness, funding research and offering respite and financial support to families affected. 

The charity focuses on hosting sports-based challenges, football matches and fun events, not only to fundraise towards chemotherapy support packs for cancer patients, but to help initiate difficult conversations surrounding the challenges of cancer treatment, including the development of an education programme for teenagers, helping to tackle taboos around testicular cancer. 

‘Balls to Cancer’ has provided funding to a number of research projects and hospitals such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Brunel Universities as well as funding special sensory equipment for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The award for Mark and Susan coincides with the start of Men’s Health Awareness Month. 

Mark and Susan said:

“We were completely shocked to know we had both received this amazing recognition. We work tirelessly to break down the stigma of male cancers and support anyone with cancer that needs us, getting an award for it was totally unexpected and we are so grateful, especially when there are so many worthy causes out there. Thank you so much!”

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