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The Sam White Legacy

645. Mike White
646. Pam White

Mike and Pam White’s son Sam was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour when he was just 12 years old.

Determined to live as full a life as possible, brave Sam relearnt to read and write and worked tirelessly to raise awareness of brain tumours in young people.

Tragically Sam died in 2013, but inspired by his life and resolve, Mike and Pam founded The Sam White Legacy to continue his work.

The charity has raised £117,000, funding a mock MRI scanner at Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre, to reduce fear and claustrophobia amongst children needing to be scanned; a research student and respite holidays for patients and their families.

In a personal letter to Mike and Pam, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“’The Sam White Legacy’ is having a tremendous impact on children with brain tumours. Your work is a wonderful to tribute to Sam’s life.”

Mike and Pam said:

“Sam had told us that if there was a time he was no longer around he would expect us to continue with all he had started. The Legacy began.

We both also feel very proud to be members on the board of the CBTRC. A charity that Sam had supported and helped to raise awareness of.

If there is an opportunity to improve the future and outcome for brain tumour patients then that chance should be seized and made the best of, helping to make a vital difference to their life and future and also to that of their loved ones.”

Professor of Paediatric Oncology at the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, Dr David Walker said:

Without Sam’s advocacy as a young person and his parents’ love and determination to make his life meaningful during and after his life we would all be poorer and less aware of the challenges that this group of serious diseases present to society, not only for children and their families but for the whole age range so affected.  I commend your choice of Pam and Mike White for this award.”

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