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558. Wayne Dhesi

Wayne Dhesi, from London, is the creator of ‘RUComingOut’ a website that supports gay people to be confident talking about their sexuality by sharing the positive experiences of others.

The site holds over 300 stories from 180 countries and includes celebrities such as, Evan Davis, ‘H’ from pop group Steps and Apprentice star Sanjay Sood-Smith. Since its launch four years ago, ‘RUComingOut’ has been viewed by nearly 500,000 people and Wayne regularly receives messages from people who have found the confidence to come out after visiting the site. Wayne has won the support of a number of public figures including Alesha Dixon, Olly Murs and the cast of the musical Kinky Boots.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

RUComingOut is a simple but incredibly effective idea. Wayne’s initiative provides support to people worried about discussing their sexuality by sharing powerful stories from those with positive experiences. I’m pleased to name Wayne a Point of Light in recognition of his work and as part of London’s fantastic Pride celebrations.”

Wayne Said:
“Coming out as lesbian, gay, bi or trans can be one of the most challenging things a person faces in their lives. I set up RUComingOut with the aim of letting those people who were struggling know that they’re not alone and that things get easier. The response to the website was overwhelming and LGBT people all over the world continue to share their coming out stories to help support and inspire others. To receive the Points Of Light Award from the Prime Minister is extremely exciting and a huge honour. Every single person who has shared their story with RUComingOut also shares in this award as the charity could not exist without them.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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