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Raasay Community Renewables

1762. Ross Camilli
1763. Ross Gillies
1764. Rosie MacLeod

Ross Camilli, Ross Gillies and Rosie MacLeod, from the Isle of Raasay, are the founders of ‘Raasay Community Renewables’, an organisation that is dedicated to bringing sustainable energy solutions to their Scottish Island and its residents via two micro hydro schemes.

Ross Camilli, Ross Gillies and Rosie MacLeod

The trio first had the idea for the project when they were teenagers, and have now raised more than £600,000 to fund their dream of a more sustainable future for the island of Raasay and its 171 residents. The schemes are estimated to generate on average 520,000kWh of electricity, with the turbines helping to create enough energy to power around 140 houses and save 127 tonnes of CO2 annually by September 2022.

In a personal letter, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“As the world comes to Scotland for a critical climate change summit, it is fantastic to showcase innovation across the UK which is helping to tackle this enormous challenge.

“You have created something remarkable for your island, building hydro turbines that will create enough energy to power 140 homes. This is the bold thinking we need if we are to confront the challenges of climate change.”

The trio said:

“We are flattered to receive this award. We have received quite a lot of attention from various groups since becoming Directors last year but this one feels a bit more special, particularly when looking at the previous recipients and the amazing things that they have done. Also, with COP26 coming up we are grateful to see our effort highlighted as projects like ours are extremely important in fighting climate change whilst also serving local communities and it would be great to see more schemes like ours popping up over the UK.”

Pictured – left to right: Ross Gillies, Rosie MacLeod and Ross Camilli

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