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All Yours

1767. Cara Herman

Cara Herman, aged 15, from Berkshire, created a period box campaign, ‘All Yours’, alongside her mother Caroline in December 2020 which has seen thousands of boxes containing period products distributed to foodbanks, charities, schools and people in need across the local area.

Cara Herman

Cara was moved to help her mother in setting up the campaign after discussing the impact period poverty would have on women and girls around Christmas time, particularly during lockdown. The initiative provides two different types of boxes – one tailored for adults with greater experience of managing periods, and one designed specifically for teenage and young girls to further help them get to grips with their periods. Cara has also raised over £20,000 to help establish the initiative as a longer-running community interest company and support its work with schools to improve access to the scheme.

Cara said:

“I didn’t know I had been nominated so it was a lovely surprise to receive this award. I really enjoy volunteering with ‘All Yours’, so it is very nice to be recognised for the work I do as well.”

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