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Piano Marathon Fundraiser

1454. Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker, aged 98, from Lanarkshire, has undertaken a 100-day piano marathon to lift the spirits of her fellow care home residents and staff, raising over £17,000 for her local NHS charities.

Rebecca Parker

Rebecca, who lives with arthritis, was inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore to make her own contribution to charity in response to the pandemic, and is continuing to play and fundraise after completing her challenge.

In a personal letter to Rebecca, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I want to thank you for the fantastic way you have used your gift for music to lift the spirits of your fellow residents and carers.

“Inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore, you should feel incredibly proud of how your piano marathon of traditional Scottish tunes has also raised thousands of pounds for your local NHS charity.

“It is wonderful to hear that you are continuing to play, even after the completion of your initial 100-day challenge, and I am delighted to recognise your service to others by naming you as the UK’s 1454th Point of Light.”

Rebecca said:

“What a pleasant surprise to receive this award. I would like to thank all the staff of McClymont House care home in Lanark where I reside for their encouragement and help throughout the 100 days. Also thanks for all the generous donations received which will be put to good use to help NHS staff and patients affected by the Covid virus in these most difficult of times.”

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