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Oceano Reddentes

Commonwealth Point of Light 112. Jade Bothma

Jade Bothma, aged 13, representing South Africa, is an ocean activist and the founder of ‘Oceano Reddentes’, an innovative non-profit organisation which turns plastic litter from the ocean into eco bricks to build houses for homeless people.

Jade Bothma and Hunter Mitchell with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

‘Oceano Reddentes’ is working with other NGOs to pioneer zero waste initiatives and Jade also runs education programmes in schools, inspiring young people to take part in beach clean-ups.

Alongside fellow recipient Hunter Mitchell, Jade was presented with her award by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a reception held at the British High Commission Cape Town celebrating the work of young people and community and civil society leaders in South Africa.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex speak with Jade Bothma and Hunter Mitchell, Commonwealth Points of Light award winners representing South Africa

Jade also enjoyed her very own “Cinderella moment” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the reception when her shoe was caught in the grass, and showcased some of her recycled plastic jewellery:

Jade Bothma showcasing her jewellery with the Duchess of Sussex

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