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Molly Olly’s Wishes

1247. Tim Ollerenshaw
1248. Rachel Ollerenshaw

Tim and Rachel Ollerenshaw, from Warwick, are helping children with cancer by creating a therapeutic toy lion with its own Hickman line and detachable mane to explain and normalise the effect of chemotherapy, as well as other treatments for serious illnesses.

Tim and Rachel Ollerenshaw

Their charity ‘Molly Olly’s Wishes’ in memory of their daughter, Molly, has now raised £2 million and also grants special wishes to terminally ill children.

In a personal letter to Tim and Rachel, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I know you do this with no thought of praise or reward, but allow me to offer my own recognition of how you have helped explain and normalise the effect of chemotherapy for children with cancer by creating a therapeutic toy lion with detachable mane. The £2 million you have raised through your charity ‘Molly Olly’s Wishes’ has created special memories for so many families in memory of your incredibly brave Molly.”

Tim and Rachel said:

“We are honoured to receive this reward and would like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to all our volunteers and donors. Their support enables us to help so many children and their families and we simply could not do it without them. Having a child with a serious life-threatening illness has a massive impact on so many. The effect is far wider reaching than many realise and from our experiences with Molly, we wanted to help make those dark days brighter and help support children’s emotional well-being through these challenging circumstances. We feel extremely privileged to have met some very inspiring children and parents on our journey.”

Pictured below: Rachel with their charity toy mascot Olly the Brave

Rachel and Olly the Brave

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