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NHS Knittingale

1499. Margaret Seaman

Margaret Seaman, aged 91, from Great Yarmouth, is a Great-great-grandmother who has raised over £50,000 for local hospital charities and lifted hearts through her ‘NHS Knittingale Hospital’.

Known as Norfolk’s “Queen of Knitting”, Margaret took up the hobby after her husband Fred died seven years ago, and since then has completed several model knitting projects of Norfolk landmarks. As a personal tribute to NHS staff for their work responding to the pandemic, Margaret has now completed a model of the NHS Nightingale Hospital, featuring 59 hand-stitched figures, an A&E Department, reception area and helipad, made from 34 balls of wool. Money raised from Margaret’s project will support charities in three hospitals across Norfolk, at Great Yarmouth, Norwich and King’s Lynn.

In a personal letter to Margaret, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: 

“I was inspired to hear of your fantastic ‘Knittingale Hospital’ through which you have sewn together a stunning symbol of our NHS and a wonderful tribute to the extraordinary men and women who are fighting on the frontline of our battle against Coronavirus.

“You have raised thousands of pounds and lifted the spirits of the nation.”

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