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2027. Aysha Ingar

Aysha Ingar, from London, created ‘Muslimah’, a free app for Muslim women, which can instantly locate female-friendly prayer spaces.

After encountering problems finding prayer areas while out and about that could accommodate women, Aysha, a junior doctor, wanted to find a way of helping Muslim women practice their faith so that they wouldn’t have to compromise their religion alongside busy lifestyles.  Built by a group of diverse, Muslim women who volunteered their free time, ‘Muslimah’ launched in September 2020 with two features: the ‘prayer space locator’ and ‘prayer tracker’.  With over 2000 downloads in the first few months of going live, ‘Muslimah’ is the world’s first Islamic app designed specifically for Muslim women, and has since expanded to develop new app features, such as a sharing prayer timetables around 500 UK prayer spaces, as well as a blog space, celebrating Muslim women and showcasing inspirational work in the Muslim community.

In 2022, ‘Muslimah’ reached a new milestone with its first international launch in Canada. Currently, the app has amassed over 6000 active users between the UK and Canada.

In a personal letter to Aysha, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

I want to congratulate you on the fantastic success of your ‘Muslimah’ app – and to thank you for the way you are helping to improve the lives of others.

“By creating the world’s first Islamic app designed specifically for Muslim women, your innovation is helping thousands of women to be able to locate and access prayer spaces and faith centres in our communities.”

Aysha said:

“I feel truly honoured and grateful to receive this award for my work at ‘Muslimah’. It’s been a privilege to serve my community and make a positive impact, and I’m glad that my efforts have been recognised in this way. I will continue to work hard and strive to make a difference wherever I can. Thanks again for your support and encouragement.”

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