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Give. Help. Share

2026. Jacqueline Harris
2025. Amanda Barbanel

Amanda Barbanel and Jacqueline Harris, from Hertfordshire and primary school teachers by profession, set up the charity ‘Give. Help. Share’ initiative during the pandemic to share free, healthy food parcels via local school networks across Hertfordshire and North London.

Wanting to make a difference to children’s lives, they have continued to send thousands of nutritious parcels each month, as well as delivering nutrition and food education workshops in primary schools.  Over 500 sessions have been run so far this year to help children make better, healthier and more informed food choices and share their knowledge with families and friends.

In a personal letter to Amanda, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

From the food-sharing network you established during the pandemic to the wonderful support you have pioneered for Afghan and Ukrainian refugees, ‘Give. Help. Share’ has been providing healthy food to thousands of families and children who need it most.

In a personal letter to Jacqueline, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“Together with Amanda, your fantastic initiative, ‘Give. Help. Share’ has delivered thousands of healthy food parcels for children across Hertfordshire and North London. 

“Through your food education workshops you are helping children make better, healthier and more informed food choices and to share their knowledge with their families and friends.”

Amanda and Jacqueline said:

“We were honoured to have been chosen for the Points of Light Award in recognition of our work with disadvantaged children and families. As teachers, we know that children need healthy food as ‘fuel for learning’ and we hope that thousands of children have benefitted from, and continue to benefit from, Give. Help. Share’s provision.”

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