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Music by students, for students

549. Adam Jackson
548. Kishan Bodalia

Adam Jackson and Kishan Bodalia are the directors of ‘New Street Records’, a record label run by students, for students.

Based at Birmingham University, they manage a team of over 80 volunteers giving them invaluable entrepreneurial experience and supporting the burgeoning careers of young up and coming artists. Adam and Kishan have overseen a doubling in volunteer numbers and are setting up a new branch of the label in Manchester. Their award coincides with New Street Record‘s first ever festival last weekend which was a sold out event. 

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Adam and Kishan head up an innovative record label run entirely by student volunteers. Not only are they supporting new artists with a global platform for their music, their volunteer staff team are also gaining invaluable entrepreneurial skills. With a new branch of the label set to open soon in Manchester, New Street Records is going from strength to strength. I’m pleased to name Adam and Kishan Points of Light.”

Adam and Kishan said:

“We were genuinely so overwhelmed to receive this award. Although us two put in way more time in to the label than we probably should, New Street Records is not just a two-man job. We have an incredibly talented and dedicated team who put silly amounts of time and effort into running the record label, all motivated by nothing but passion and a love of music. Founded only 18 months ago, we have been able to scout, sign, brand, record and promote the very best of student talent in Birmingham – and now in Manchester too! – all whilst giving the team great hands-on experience in the music industry.

“Our proudest moments always come from watching our artists, whether they’re performing at one of our sell-out events, playing us a new song they’ve just written, headlining the O2 Academy in Birmingham – as was the case with Sam Jackson – or drawing the biggest crowds at our inaugural Door2Door Festival. It’s those moments that make all the hard work worth it, and it constantly boggles our minds that we have over 80 people in Birmingham and over 60 people in Manchester who are also willing to put in the same amount of effort, for that same reward.”


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