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John Muir Trust

737. Denis Mollison

Professor Denis Mollison, from Edinburgh, co-founded the ‘John Muir Trust’ and has been a trustee since 1986.

The charity works to conserve areas of natural beauty in the UK, increase biodiversity, protect native species and maintain the beauty of natural land. The Trust set up the ‘John Muir Award’, which encourages individuals to get involved in conservation and share their experiences. The award has engaged thousands of people across the UK of all ages and backgrounds, with many of them completing the award. The ‘John Muir Trust’ also manages 24,438 hectares of land across the UK, including areas of Ben Nevis and other Munros and Corbetts, and influence policy that affects nature in the UK. Additionally, Denis has volunteered for the ‘Mountain Bothies Association’ for over 40 years.

In a personal letter to Denis, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“You have made an extraordinary contribution to conservation, helping to ensure that wild places are protected, enhanced, and valued by and for everyone. In particular, you have encouraged thousands of people across the country to get involved in conservation through the ‘John Muir Award’.”

Denis said:

“The John Muir Trust was founded in the belief that wild places and nature have value in themselves.  They are also essential to human life as a key indicator of the health of the environment on which we all depend. It has been deeply satisfying to have been part of the Trust as it has developed, over more than 30 years, from an idea shared by just four of us into an established charity that manages some of Britain’s finest wild land, influences national policy and helps thousands of young people engage with nature.”

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