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Commonwealth Point of Light 105. Cordie Aziz

Cordie Aziz, representing Ghana, is the founder of ‘Environment 360’, the fastest growing environmental NGO in Ghana, which is transforming waste management by training hundreds of people to become recycling entrepreneurs.

Cordie Aziz

Cordie is bringing together communities and businesses to change the culture around recycling; and her work has already led to the collection of 600 metric tonnes of waste paper. Cordie also leads innovative workshops in schools. As a result of her educational work over 15,000 children have set up recycling programmes in their own schools.

Cordie said:

“I am absolutely humbled and honoured to be the third recipient of the Points of Light Award in Ghana. It is such a great privilege to be recognized for doing something that I absolutely love. Through my work with informal waste sector workers, I seek to not only reduce the poverty gap among a vulnerable population, but also create waste collection systems that stop plastic waste from devastating our communities and waterways. I think that by empowering the vulnerable, we can create a ripple effect that will undoubtedly change the way the world works. Through my work, I envision creating greater social equity, inclusion and a cleaner Ghana that we all can enjoy. I thank everyone at the British High Commission in Ghana for championing these causes and recognizing the importance of this work.”

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