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Commonwealth Point of Light 104. Fairoz Ahmad

Fairoz Ahmad, representing Singapore, is the founder of Chapter W and its ‘Mothers of Light’ programme, which has trained over 200 women in rural Indonesia to become solar lamp entrepreneurs, in turn reducing poverty, lowering toxic emissions and improving rural health.

Fairoz Ahmad

Millions of rural Indonesians, especially in remote areas, lack access to electricity, creating a barrier to work and education, and forcing many families to rely on harmful kerosene lamps for light. The women trained by Chapter W have sold more than 7000 solar lamps, increasing their household income, bringing lighting benefits to rural communities and reducing CO2 emissions by over 1,500 tonnes.

Fairoz said:  

“Building Chapter W over the years had been a labor of love, involving both personal and professional sacrifices. But they are necessary, in order to make a positive contribution to the lives of others. I am both honoured and humbled to receive the Commonwealth Points of Light Award, and I hope this can inspire young people to start their own journeys of making a positive contribution to their own communities, or communities beyond their own borders.”

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