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Dorothy Springer Trust Sierra Leone

Commonwealth Point of Light 210. Abdulai Dumbuya

Dr Abdulai Dumbuya, representing Sierra Leone, aged 49, is the founder of ‘The Dorothy Springer Trust’, a charity that transforms the lives of disabled people by providing them with ICT training to help prepare for employment.

Dr Abdulai Dumbuya

Disabled from childhood, Dr Abs received anonymous funding to study in the UK, where he gained a string of academic achievements. On returning to Sierra Leone, he learnt the source of his funding was from an elderly British lady named Dorothy Springer and was inspired to form the charity in her memory to provide opportunities for other people with disabilities. The charity helps people develop vital digital skills and knowledge that can enable them to enter the workplace and access higher education. The organisation has now trained over 80 students, of which 60 are in full-time employment, have started their own business, or are studying in higher education.

Dr Abs said:

“It is a great honour to receive the “Point of Light” award. I left the UK to return home to help give something back as a result of a British woman, Mrs Dorothy Springer, who changed my life by sponsoring my education anonymously at the time. ‘The Dorothy Springer Trust’ was established in the UK with a UK Board of Trustees to transform the lives of people with disabilities in Sierra Leone through Information, Communication Technology (ICT) training, advocacy and creation of employment pathways for people with disabilities.

“Being recognised for the work we are doing in our small corner is a testament that sacrifices do not always go unnoticed. This is a great award and will motivate me and all my Board Members, staff and our beneficiaries.”

Alistair White, Acting British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, said:

“Dr Abs is an inspirational figure, known and respected across Freetown for the work he does to empower disabled people through ‘The Dorothy Springer Trust’. I am delighted his work has been recognised with a Commonwealth Points of Light award.”

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