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Devon and Cornwall Food Action

714. Steve Whiteway

A man from Plymouth is the Chair and driving force behind a charity tackling food waste across the South West.

Steve Whiteway is the Chair of ‘Devon and Cornwall Food Action’, a charity on a mission to eliminate food waste across the region. Steve draws on a long career in waste management and has used his professional skills to create a network of growers, food manufacturers and retailers who donate waste food to the charity, including well known names such as Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s, as well as local producers such as Cornish Orchards, Portlebay Popcorn and Tulip Foods amongst others.

Steve’s passion for reducing waste has seen him redistribute over 150 tonnes of food across Cornwall and the south west, prevent the production of 51 tonnes of carbon emissions, and has saved the community over £300,000 as donated food is redistributed to partner organisations and charities supporting the elderly, homeless people and those in rehab, freeing up resources for other priorities.

In a personal letter to Steve, Prime Minister Theresa may said:

“As Chair of ‘Devon and Cornwall Food Action’ you have had a huge impact on efforts to reduce the amount of food wasted across Cornwall and the South West. By redistributing donated food to local charities, you are supporting vulnerable communities throughout the region.”

Steve said:

“Thank you so much for this award. It means so much and after 50 years volunteering, spurs me on to do as much as I can. My philosophy is to never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up, which has been the theme of my life.”

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