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Derby cricket legend

322. Maurice Vaughan

A 90 year old cricketer who has dedicated 80 years of his life to Etwall Cricket Club.

Born and bred Derbyshire man Maurice Vaughan began playing at Etwall Cricket Club as an excitable ten-year-old back in 1935. Eighty years on, Maurice still volunteers at the club, and stopped only temporarily to serve in the armed forces during the Second World War.

Maurice has been instrumental in every aspect of the club over the years. In the 1970s, he spent three years raising funds to build the club’s pavilion. He worked tirelessly, often putting in 50 hours a week on top of his full time job, organising totes, raffles, jumble sales, treasure hunts and dinner dances to raise the funds, before setting about building it himself until the ‘Vaughan Pavilion’ was completed.

Even at the age of 90, Maurice does not rest. He can regularly be seen mowing the outfield and helping to maintain the cricket ground near his cottage in Church Hill, Etwall. He still organises events at the club, including the annual ‘President’s Day’, when old members return to take on present players. With his wife Judith, Maurice does the catering, organises the raffle and addresses members old and new in speeches.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Maurice has given eighty years of service to ensure that the local community in Etwall have the chance to play cricket, whatever their ability. He has given countless hours, most notably in fundraising and helping to construct the pavilion named in his honour.  I am pleased to recognise his service by making him the UK’s 324th Point of Light.”

Maurice said:

I’m very proud to win this award and hugely proud of the club. I never thought I would ever achieve this much recognition from doing something I love.

“The cricket club has taken over my life in a good way. I loved playing, Cricket is such a friendly, civilised game. That’s why I kept going till I was 71. I now enjoy my time helping the club go from strength to strength and watching all the cricket.”

MP for South Derbyshire Heather Wheeler said:

“This Points of Light Award for Maurice Vaughan is very welcome. His and his wife Judith’s devotion to Etwall Cricket Club is exceptional. I applaud the community spirit that Mr Vaughan has shown: when you love something so much that you give over 70 years of volunteering to it, to make it run smoothly means he richly deserves this acclaim.”

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